Gluten-Free Passover Seder Meal

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Gluten-Free Passover Seder Meal

No longer is Passover a difficult menu for those eating a gluten-free diet.  It has become so easy to find gluten-free matzo these days.  If your local grocery store doesn’t carry it right on it’s shelves, order on-line ( or direct from the manufacturer), but give yourself plenty of time (including shipping) to do so. 

Most Passover recipes are naturally gluten-free.  Below are some suggestions for GFP recipes to make for a memorable and festive holiday meal.  


  • Charoses
  • GF matzoh (for the highly observant, this is not considered kosher for Seders at this time)
  • Hard-boiled eggs, salt water in small bowls
  • Wine
  • Sparkling juice

Seder Plate

  • Maror: bitter herbs:  horseradish or romaine lettuce (bitterness of slavery)
  • Charoses:  apple/nut mixture (mortor used by slaves for building)
  • Beitzah: roasted egg  (symbol of life, perpetuation of existence)
  • Karpas:   parsley or celery (hope and redemption)
  • Zeroah:  roasted lamb shankbone (sacrificial offering)  

Main Course