Healthy Gluten-Free Additions & Substitutions

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Healthy Gluten-Free Additions & Substitutions





Avocado A great addition to any Mexican dish or puree with cooked mango and add to smoothies, or use it as a sauce over chicken. Also great in any salad. Research has shown when avocado is added to a salad the absorption of carotenoid antioxidants, lycopene and beta-carotene,  is significantly increased.
Berries Add blueberries to pancake or muffin batter. Add to smoothies or yogurt. Add strawberries, blackberries, or raspberries to salads. Puree one or all berries and make ice cubes to add to fresh lemonade or brewed iced tea. Berries are full of antioxidants that blast free radicals that damage cells in the body. This is another essential to your diet.  Grab a handful and enjoy.
Chia Seeds Add 1 T of chia to hot cereals. Add ¼ cup to pancake batter or baked items including breads or muffins. Can add to soup, smoothies, yogurt, and trail mix. Another wonder seed that is full of Omega 3 even more than flax has a high concentration of antioxidants making it easy to store for long periods of time without spoiling. These seeds don’t have to be ground prior to use, unlike flax. They also a great source of calcium and fiber.
Cinnamon Sprinkle over sweet potatoes, hot cereal, vanilla yogurt, or pancakes. Add to muffin or bread batter. Add a stick to hot tea. Cinnamon has been shown to have anti-clotting actions, anti microbial activity and has shown to improve blood sugar control and high blood pressure.
Fish Oil your grill and add seasoned fish right to the grate. Add steamed or grilled veggies and you have a great meal. You can also use halibut to make great fish tacos. Adding a serving of heart healthy salmon or halibut to your diet is a great way to get your Omega 3s. But remember to look for wild caught fish.
Fresh Spinach Add to any Italian sauce, eggs, pizza, and potatoes. You can even puree and add to recipes. Use as your lettuce instead of iceberg. This green leafy green has endless health benefits. Not only does it contain fiber, calcium, iron, folate and Vitamin K but also contains lutein, which promotes eye health and protects against cancer. This is a must to include in your diet.
Ground Flax Seed Add 2 T of flax to hot cereals, yogurt, or a smoothie. Add ¼ cup flax to pancake batter or any baked items including desserts like brownies or pies. Sprinkle on salads or add to homemade gluten free bread. This wonder seed is packed with Omega 3 oils, lignans (antioxidant quality), and fiber.  Has shown to help decrease the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and strokes.
Quinoa Use as a side dish mixed with grilled veggies or add cinnamon and apples for a great hot cereal.  Add 1 cup to banana bread, pancake, or any muffin batter. Mix with yogurt for a snack. Quinoa is an excellent protein source as it contains all 8 essential amino acids making it a complete protein. Is a great source of fiber and also has calcium, magnesium along with other good for you vitamins and minerals.
Sesame Seeds Add sesame seeds to your salads or salad dressing. Try adding them to homemade breads or muffins. Dip chicken breast in an egg bath and dredge in sesame seeds and bake for a sesame chicken. Great source of Calcium and lignans that may help fight breast or prostate cancer. A nice way to add some protein to snacks like trail mix or pretzels. Sesame oil is very resistant to rancidity.
Turmeric Add to steamed veggies or potatoes. Try out some of GFP’s oh so yummy Indian recipes that include Turmeric. Contains important vitamins and minerals such as iron, manganese, potassium, B6 and vitamin C. Curcumin is a phytochemical found in turmeric that has excellent antioxidant properties and research has shown to have cancer fighting and anti-inflammatory properties.
Walnuts/Almonds Ground nuts are a great addition to pancake batter, muffins or breads.  Add to hot cereals and trail mix. Walnuts have a higher amount of Omega 3s than any other nut. They also contain fiber and Vitamin E and have been shown to benefit the health of your arteries.  Almonds are a great source of protein, fiber,  vitamin E, calcium, iron, and magnesium. Almonds also contain a variety of antioxidants which may help prevent cancer cell growth.


Grass-fed Beef Use where you would use beef The difference between grass fed beef and grain fed beef is the nutrients YOU get from what the cows are fed. When compared with grain fed beef grass fed beef has less total fat, more Omega 3, more antioxidant vitamins like Vitamin E.
Light Olive Oil Use instead of Canola oil. Works great in baking too but be sure it’s light olive oil to help with flavor and a higher smoke point. Olive oil has more heart healthy properties than Canola oil. Use in place of butter when sautéing.
Sweet Potatoes Use instead of white potatoes in any recipe. Puree cooked sweet potatoes and add to your French toast mix it’s a wonderful addition. Sprinkle with a little olive oil and bake for sweet potato fries. Excellent source of beta-carotene, Vitamin A but remember to eat a little fat with them to help the absorption of these nutrients. They also boast anti-inflammatory properties and contain antioxidants.
Almond Flour Use in place of flour in some baking recipes. Provides an added protein punch to baked goods.
Butter Use instead of margarine. GFP recommends butter over margarine but remember to use in moderation. You can use olive oil to spread on bread and cooking.
Canned Coconut Milk Use instead of the carton of coconut milk in recipes that call for coconut milk. Canned coconut milk is in a more natural state and includes the fat content that will help control blood sugar levels.


Healthy Tips

  • Use fresh fruit or fresh vegetables instead of canned. Canned vegetables are cooked in the processing so they have less nutrients and usually added salt.
  • Choose organic when possible.
  • Always use 100% maple syrup and avoid imitation syrup that is usually made from high fructose corn syrup or corn sugar.

Making Everyday Meals Gluten-Free 

Here are some examples of a basic breakfast, lunch and dinner transformed to healthier gluten-free choices.


The old...

2 scrambled eggs
2 strips of bacon
Side of hash browns
Piece of toast

The new...

2 strips of bacon cooked in a sauté pan

Add 1 cup chopped Swiss chard or spinach to bacon and sauté until partly wilted

Add 2 eggs and scramble bacon and Swiss chard with eggs

Shred a sweet potato, season with rosemary and cook in pan until soft

Can omit toast all together or add a piece of gluten-free toast


The old...

French fries

The new...

Grill a hamburger, add cheese if desired.  Omit the bun and wrap in lettuce with tomato, pickles, ketchup and mustard. Add whatever toppings you like on your burger.

Slice a potato or a sweet potato and bake until crisp or have potato/veggie chips. This is also a great place to add some extra green veggies - have a side salad.

Omit soda all together and have some brewed iced tea and add some crushed blueberries for a fruity kick.


The old...

Pasta with marinara sauce
Garlic bread

The new...

Gluten-free pasta
You can use a jar sauce but you can easily make your own. Add to a food processor or blender a 28-ounce can of no-added salt stewed tomatoes and blend until smooth. In a sauté pan, heat 3 T light olive oil, add garlic, diced red onion, add tomato puree, season with basil, oregano and parsley. Simmer 10 minutes.

Healthy Dinner Tip
You can also stew your own tomatoes by boiling the tomatoes whole after they have been washed and the stem has been removed.

While tomato sauce is cooking you can grill a hot Italian sausage or you can brown some hamburger and add to your sauce. For an added bonus you can add fresh spinach to your sauce and cook until wilted.

Put over pasta and serve with a side of steamed broccoli.

Omit garlic bread or toast a gluten-free bun seasoned with garlic and butter.


My years as a Chef are paying off, Big Time now. I Just have to make smaller portions. Cooking for one is not as easy as one would think!
Since my FODMAP developed a way to remeber why the old dinner met the new dinner it was easier to tat my own bread! If you enjoy honey wheat, I am no longer resposible for the toater until your ready! Be mindful of rye bread!
Since my FODMAP developed a way to remember why the old dinner met the new dinner it was easier to eat my own bread! If you enjoy honey wheat, I am no longer resposible for the toaster until your ready! Be mindful of rye bread!
Mmmmm....whole wheat!