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Avoid natural fibers, especially next to your skin. There some wonderful fibers like cotton and wool, plus have been in use in cold and wet climates for generations. This is healthcare priorities . were really best available rice. But now happen to be much better synthetic fabrics available, which do a better job of keeping both of you warm and dry.

Thank you so much for the comprehensive explanations and resources. I'm encouraged in my journey to having a much healthier GI track.
So glad you found us! Best of luck and don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions that may arise. Please note that the low FODMAP Diet is meant as an elimination protocol to figure out what foods may be causing your GI issues. A low FODMAP diet is not meant to be a permanent diet plan.
I just received the news that I need to go gluten free, because of not being able to lose weight and that the gluten is making me sick. My husband and I are scared of the unknown
You came to the right place. The unknown will become clearer and clearer. Remember to be gentle with yourself and go slowly into the gluten-free world. Baby steps. You will soon be receiving emails that will explain the "how to" about going gluten-free. The website has hundreds of excellent recipes, meals, snack and product ideas to select. Don't hesitate to contact me, if you would like someone to talk to. Keep breathing, deeply and calmly.
What an amazing resource! I'm feeling quite overwhelmed at the beginning of this journey as I read conflicting information everywhere. Due to my issues (Hashimoto's and IBS), I'm needing to be grain and soy free, and some say legume free. I also need to avoid or eat in limited quantities, cruciferous vegetables. Do you have any suggestions?