Product Review: Olivia’s Croutons

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Product Review: Olivia’s Croutons

If you have celiac disease and are dining out, how many times have you said,
“Please don’t  put croutons on my salad!  If you do, I’ll need a whole new salad. Don’t just remove the croutons and give me the same salad.  It will already be cross-contaminated!!!”

Well, no more do you have to give up those yummy, crispy, crunchy touches on your salad, especially that bare looking Caesar salad.  Olivia’s Croutons, not only produces a fine gluten-free crouton and gluten-free stuffing,  but they have a dedicated facility in Middlebury, Vermont where they produce these gluten-free products.

When I tasted the croutons, they seemed like a regular wheat-based crouton.  Crunchy with no funny after-taste.  They have also chosen to use whole grain, high protein GF flours as their ingredients like millet, sorghum, brown and white rice flours.

Sometimes you just have a craving to be able to eat “normal food” again.  Here’s your chance to have readymade, no cooking needed, croutons to top your bevy of vegie salads or hearty soups!  A Caesar salad that looks like everyone else's!!!

Bon Appetit!

Jan Phillips