Product Review: Wild Planet Canned Fish

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Product Review: Wild Planet Canned Fish

Most of us know that wild-caught fish can be a health-promoting addition to our diet. But there are times when good quality fish can be cost-prohibitive, or maybe we just don’t have the time to prepare it. In these circumstances, it’s good to know there is a company like Wild Planet Foods that delivers responsible and delicious canned fish to the masses.

Wild Planet cans a number of different denizens of the ocean: sardines, shrimp, salmon (including sockeye salmon), and, of course, tuna. One of the remarkable things about Wild Planet is that they have used sustainable fishing practices since 2004.  The waters that the fish are caught in are clean, and tuna is pole and troll caught which is considered the most sustainable method for catching tuna. Wild Planet also tests every batch of fish for radiation, which is an important considering the health of our oceans these days.  Because the fish are caught in clean water, they are very low in mercury. Wild Planet also uses BPA-free cans.

If you pick up a can of Wild Planet fish you will notice that there isn’t a “gluten-free” designation anywhere to be found. According to WP’s website, they do not state “gluten-free” on the package because their products are not tested for gluten. However, the ingredients that go into the canned fish are gluten-free, and they are not processed with any other ingredients that are known to contain gluten.

While Wild Planet canned fish may be a bit more expensive than other brands (WP albacore tuna retails for $4.00-$4.25/can) you can rest assured that you are not paying for anything you don’t need. Many commercial brands of canned fish add water to their products, but WP doesn’t. Also, many brands of canned fish include unhealthy oils such as soybean or vegetable oils to their products. If you choose to purchase a product with added oil from Wild Planet, it will be extra-virgin olive oil. Because of the type of canning process that Wild Planet uses, their products are higher in the important omega-3’s EPA and DHA than many other brands. In fact, one can of WP Albacore Tuna has more EPA/DHA than 5 capsules of fish oil! These important fats will benefit digestion, brain, eye, and skin health. Wild Planet always prints the amount of EPA and DHA right on the can, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Other companies don’t do that!

Tiffany Godwin, MNT

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