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GF Valentine's Day Menu

Don't let gluten or other dietary restrictions lessen your enjoyment of Valentine's Day!   GF sweethearts unite and enjoy this holiday with a few tips to make it delicious and an eye toward healthy decadence.  

  • Make a delicious meal for yourself (see ideas below)
  • Ask for an edible bouquet (usually fresh fruits with some dipped in chocolate) 
  • Plan ahead and make sure the restaurant you choose has gluten-free options available. 
  • If going to a party, bring your own dish so you have a healthy gluten-free option for yourself.  If it isn't pot-luck optional, eat before you go.

Valentine Sweetheart Menu

When making chocolate dipped strawberries use good quality chocolate that has a high pecentage of cocoa.  Researchers recommend the greatest health benefits might be seen from an ounce or two of dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa).

Chocolate may boost cognitive abilities, help improve memory and insulin sensitivity and increase blood flow to the brain according to Dr. Duitsman, a nutrition and health education specialist with the University of Missouri Extension. Most of these positive health benefits come from the high aounts of "flavanols" which are considered potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Treat yourself and others with a healthy dose of  dark chocolate paired with "Loving-Kindness" this Valentine Day and everyday!!