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Product Review: Arrowhead Mills - Organic Brown Rice Flour

The Organic Brown Rice flour from Arrowhead Mills is a good gluten-free solution for creating flour blends, and more.

It should be noted that this particular brand is milled less finely than others that I have tried; creating a thicker and more grainy texture. I personally used it for dusting blueberries (before putting into homemade pancakes) and for thickening some beef stock. I am happy to report that it worked quite well for both purposes. I suspect the not-so-fine texture might make the product less useful for using in baked goods than other brands or alternative flours.

Factoring in that this brown rice flour is less expensive than alternatives I have found, as well as organic and GMO-free, the value is hard to beat. Even if you simply use it for general purposes (like thickening gravies and sauces, or dusting hands, pans, and work surfaces) the purchase will help you reserve the use of  more expensive gluten-free flours to dishes where taste and texture matter the most.

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Tracy Grabowski is a gluten-free mom and marketing consultant, as well as the creative behind the blog, whEAT Freely.