High Tech Gluten Detection

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High Tech Gluten Detection

There may now be an easy way to go out to dinner and feel safe that you are truly eating gluten-free.  Nima, an invention by 6Sensor Labs, is a small, portable sensor that consumers can use to quickly detect whether or not the food you’re about to eat contains gluten. 

Scott Sundvor and Shireen Yates, both Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduates, created Nima because of their own personal experiences with food allergies and sensitivities. The product is still in the testing phase and the company has plans to address other food allergens down the line.

According to the company, one of the benefits of Nima is its speed of detection.  It takes only  2 minutes to figure out if you should or shouldn’t eat a food product or meal. 

To use the device, you simply place a sample of your food into a disposable, one-time use capsule or pod, and close it with a cap.  You then place the capsule into the sensor and turn it on with a push of a button. If the food contains gluten (20 parts per million or more) a blue “sad face” will pop up on it’s display.  If it’s gluten-free (less than 20 PPM), you’ll see a blue happy face.

The retail cost  for the device is $249. Each pod or test capsule costs $3.99.  The starter kit includes the sensor and three one-time use capsules. The product will be available to order online at the company's website (6SensorLabs.com).

Nima is slated to roll out this spring, 2016!  A little pricey for everyday use, but wonderful for eating out of your GF kitchen.