Ted Cruz vs Celiac DIsease: A Liberal Conspiracy

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Ted Cruz vs Celiac DIsease: A Liberal Conspiracy

Presidential hopeful, Ted Cruz recently pledged that if he becomes president and commander-in-chef, there would no longer be gluten-free MRE’s for soldiers serving in the US Military!  MRE’s are Meals Ready-to-Eat that are supplied to soldier’s in the field.

While aboard the USS Yorktown and appealing to military voters in South Carolina, Cruz said that he’d wipe out cases of “political correctness” including getting rid of the military diet options for those who suffer from autoimmune disorders, like celiac disease. Those with CD can put their lives on the line for their country, but the US will not provide the only currently available medical treatment for those suffering from this or any other gastrointestinal disease that requires a gluten-free diet.

All service men and women deserve proper treatment for their medical conditions. This should not be a discourse on “political correctness”, this is a treatment for celiac disease and other medical conditions that “require” treatment with a gluten-free diet.

Of course, this should not be a political issue at all, regardless of your political affiliation. Anyone who is aspiring to the most powerful position in the world and making a huge medical faux pas in the name of getting votes is a reason to be aware and take a stand for your health. This is certainly a case of “outside your scope of expertise” and moving toward “foot in mouth disease”. 

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