Meals/Snacks Help

How to find a meal/snack


What is the difference between a meal/snack and a recipe?

Think of Meals/Snacks as a complete meal that you might order from a restaurant menu. GFP meals/snacks do not list quantities.  Most GFP meals and snacks leave portion control up to the user.  Whether you're preparing foods for yourself or for a family, you decide the quantity.  An accurate and easy way to determine healthy food portions is to use a hand, which unlike a measuring cup is something people have with them all of the time. A portion of protein is the size and width of a palm, a serving of starchy carbohydrates is the size of a fist and a serving of fat is half of a thumb, according to many nutritionists and dietitians.

Some meals/snacks may include links to Recipes.  Just like what you would find in a typical cookbook, GFP recipes include ingredients, directions, serving sizes and nutritional information.