Quick Meal Planning Ideas for Busy People

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Quick Meal Planning Ideas for Busy People

My daughter recently had a baby, if you didn’t know, and talk about barely having time to go to the bathroom, let alone cook a meal.  Whether you are working out of the house, working at home, volunteering, and/or being a chauffeur, Americans are one busy people. I's so much easier and safer to eat gluten-free at home and less expensive than going to a restaurant or ordering in.   So here are 4 tips for making meals a little quicker.

GFP Auto Menu Planner and Grocery List, that’s Free
Gluten Freedom Project has a section for menu planning that is so versatile you can both omit and select meals you and your family will enjoy eating, whether you’re all eating gluten-free or you have a blended family.  The difference between a “meal or snack” and a “recipe” is that meals can usually be thrown together quickly without a lot of steps or ingredients.

Once you create the menu, GFP will automatically generate a grocery list for the week!!  Shop once, eat 21 meals plus snacks.

Don’t forget you can also select the meals or recipes based on Time to Table: 0-10, 11-20, and  21-30 minute options.

Cook and Prep Once, Eat Twice
Some working people have designated Sunday as their cook and prep day to make meals for the week.  Sunday is also a day most people with children may have extra hands available to allow them some free time to shop, prep and cook.  Once you have the meals you’re going to make for the week, make one or two meals and freeze them for later in the week.  Also, wash, prep and cut fruits and veggies for the week. Then store them in clear containers  for shorter prep time for recipes or meals that week.  You can also make a large container of quinoa or rice to be used in soups, stews or salads during the week.

Thankful for Leftovers
Use last night’s leftovers for today’s lunch.  Going from a family of 5 to just the two of us hasn’t changed my meal or recipe quantities.  I love using that leftover Parmesan Chicken in a salad or a tostada the next day or eating the Mexican Rice Casserole  at lunch time.  I also enjoy Jan’s Special as a high protein breakfast.

Mix and Match Ingredients
Instead of skipping a recipe or meal because you don’t have all the ingredients it calls for, get creative.  Most proteins, grains and veggies are interchangeable.  Here are a couple of substitutes that helped me:  if you’re missing buttermilk or sour cream, substitute plain Greek yogurt.  If you’re out of baking soda, try baking powder, triple the quantity and omit the salt. Check out Making Ingredient Substitutions in The How Can it be Gluten Free Cookbook

Enjoy cooking by turning up the tunes and invite family members to join you in the kitchen fest.

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Too much prep. I want recipes, but want to choose which one. I've been eating gluten free for three wks, but very simply. Your recipes make me anxious