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How to find a meal/snack


What is the difference between a meal/snack and a recipe?

Think of Meals/Snacks as a complete meal that you might order from a restaurant menu. GFP meals/snacks do not list quantities.  Most GFP meals and snacks leave portion control up to the user.  Whether you're preparing foods for yourself or for a family, you decide the quantity.  An accurate and easy way to determine healthy food portions is to use a hand, which unlike a measuring cup is something people have with them all of the time. A portion of protein is the size and width of a palm, a serving of starchy carbohydrates is the size of a fist and a serving of fat is half of a thumb, according to many nutritionists and dietitians.

Some meals/snacks may include links to Recipes.  Just like what you would find in a typical cookbook, GFP recipes include ingredients, directions, serving sizes and nutritional information.




How to find recipes


Grocery List

The Grocery List iis available when you register for GFP. It's FREE! 

How to make a grocery list

The grocery list seems like a lot of food. Do I need all of this?

The grocery list contains every single ingredient used in the meals/snacks and recipes that you have on your menu plan. Before you head to the grocery store, we recommend that you review the list and remove any items that you already have on hand or that you don't enjoy eating.

If you know that you won't be following the menu plan every day of the week, we suggest you delete those days and/or meals from your menu planner so those items will not be included on your grocery list.

What if I only want a grocery list for a single recipe?

To make a list for a single recipe, meal/snack or even one day, you'll need to (1) create a new menu with just those items on it that you want and (2) view the grocery list for that menu.

You can create and save as many menus as you like and they will be available in the "My Menus" link in the left sidebar of the Menu Planner page. Each time you create a new menu, you will be given the option to save or delete the existing menu.


Product Directory

How to find a product


How did you come up with the foods in the product directory?

The GFP Product Directory lists over 300 gluten-free, name-brand products that have been selected and tested by the GFP Team of Health Coaches. We look for products that are wholesome, taste good and are typically available in most natural foods grocery stores. We encourage you to experiment and add your rating and reviews. If you have suggestions for products that you think the GFP Community will enjoy, please add them here and we'll review them.