Create healthy and delicious gluten-free menus

Stuck in a rut eating the same foods over and over again? Looking for some ideas for dinner tonight? Need help planning a menu for a family with different tastes and food allergies?

gluten-free menu planner
sample gluten-free menu

The GFP Menu Planner, available for free when you Register for GFP, instantly creates customized gluten-free menus based on your specific food allergies and preferences. Menus are built with an emphasis on whole foods, healthy protein and fat sources, minimal refined sugars and a wide variety of foods.

The Menu Planner makes it easy to create delicious and nutritious gluten-free menus.

  • Build your own or have one created for you
  • Menus can be created to omit those foods (besides gluten) you are allergic to
  • Menu items include pictures, descriptions, ingredients & instructions
  • Click on an ingredient to view suggestions for top-rated gluten-free products and brands
  • Easily edit your menu by finding other options, moving or removing items

If you decide to create your own menu, we'll help make sure you're getting a healthy balance with instant suggestions and feedback.

grocery listWhen you're ready, get a complete list of every item on your menu, organized by the sections in a typical grocery store. Any products that you selected will also be included as well as coupons (when available).

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