GF Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in a Tub

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GF Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in a Tub

The holidays are over and so is the dispensation we allow ourselves to eat sweets.  However, some of us may extend our sugary ways just a bit longer to try Pillsbury’s new gluten-free chocolate chip cookie dough, for that quick fix.

The tubs are bright blue and white and will be found in the same refrigerator case in the grocery as premade wheat products when they’re released this summer. Online reviews primarily give the cookies a thumbs up, saying they’re fast, simple and tasty.

The cookies contain brown sugar, a rice flour base, eggs, dairy and soy. One cookie is 110 calories.

The packaged food giant is also releasing premade gluten-free pie and pastry dough as well as pizza dough. They are dairy free as well as gluten free. The pie and pastry dough are comprised of starches like tapioca, and rice and sorghum flours at 250 calories a serving. The thin crust pizza dough is made of tapioca starch, sorghum, millet and rice flours and contains egg at 170 calories per serving.

While the products offer the thrill of a freshly made sweet in a few minutes, nutritionists caution that they cannot be considered remotely healthy because many of the ingredients are highly refined and contain genetically modified organisms.

Still, everyone needs a cookie once in a while.

If you feel the need for cookies from scratch, try GFP Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie.  Double YUM!

Source: Pillsbury,

Pamela Hasterok