Accidental Gluten Exposure is Significant For Those With Celiac Disease

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Accidental Gluten Exposure is Significant For Those With Celiac Disease

Accidental gluten exposure is a serious concern for people who suffer from celiac disease (CD) and recent studies suggest that cross-contact contamination is increasingly common.

One study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in February 2018, detected significant amounts of gluten in both stool and urine samples in subjects with CD who were on a strict GF diet. The authors concluded that the amount of gluten was “sufficient gluten to trigger symptoms and perpetuate intestinal damage.”  

A second study, published in BMJ (British Medical Journal) in February of 2017 described a “urine” test that could accurately detect levels of gluten consumption whether you realized you had mistakenly eaten gluten or didn't realize you did.  According to the researchers, this new, non-invasive method for detecting and measuring gluten is “sensitive, specific and simple enough to be convenient for clinical monitoring of patients with CD as well as for basic and clinical research applications including drug development.”

Dietitian, Tricia Thompson, suggests using a home gluten-detection test, along with a detailed food diary can help you and your physician or dietitian hone in on the sources of gluten exposure.  Check out her review of two new consumer tests for monitoring gluten intake.

Also, you’ll want to read a wonderfully informative article written for NPR by Jill Neimark titled "When Going Gluten-Free Is Not Enough".

Don’t relax your food defenses when it comes to avoiding gluten. Keep reading those labels carefully, ask poignant questions in restaurants, and be diligent in your own kitchen.  People suffering from CD must be vigilant in keeping their attention on everything food related. 

Persistence for good health!