Holiday Air Travel Smart and Healthy

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Holiday Air Travel Smart and Healthy

It’s such a wonderful time of year when we all seem to travel a lot.  Whether to visit family or to vacation destinations, we are on the go.  When you have celiac disease or are eating gluten-free for your health, it’s always a challenge to travel and stick with your commitment to eating gluten-free, AND staying healthy from the array of germs available from other passengers.  Here are some ideas for making your travel experience less stressful, healthier and safer!

-Pre-order gluten-free meals, if that's an option.

-Bring that 3 oz size bottle of hand sanitizer.  You may not always have soap and water or a bathroom available to you when you need it.

-Pack healthy powdered drink mixes to stay hydrated and energized.   Emergen-C is often a favorite chocked with vitamin C in their powder to fight off germs.  Folks at Emergen-C state that they don’t use gluten during the manufacturing, but they don’t test for gluten.  A little iffy, especially for those with CD.  HEED sports drink is gluten-free as well as, Ultima Replenisher containing vast arrays of electrolytes!

-Bring your own water bottle and just fill ‘er up after you go through security.  Or purchase bottled water to satisfy your thirst and not just when the drinks cart gets to your row.  Drinking water keeps you hydrated, often an issue during air travel.  Flying on airplanes is typically dehydrating to you because there’s less humidity in the cabin. Also dehydrating is drinking caffeine, soda and alcohol.

-Bring along your own snacks like protein bars, trail mix, crackers, etc.
Some suggested GF bars are: Larabar, Kind, Enjoy Life,  Pure and Zing.  See GFP Product Directory for other ideas.

-Move as often as possible.  Walk, simple yoga stretches, and twisting stretches help to keep your circulation moving and avoiding blood clots and muscle cramps on longer flights, over 4 hours or more.

Stay healthy and safe travels during this holiday season!

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