Improve your Health with Video Games

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Improve your Health with Video Games

Does this sound like an oxymoron?  Well think again.   Can’t get your kids to go outside and play or exercise in any serious fashion?  The bane of T.V.'s, video games and computers, NOT.

Active Video Games (AVG) are being touted as a positive alternative to sedentary behavior in children according to a study published in May 2015 in Obesity Reviews. 

AVGs where players need to move in order to control the game are gaining in popularity with kids and adults.  As long as the games involve huffing and puffing (high intensity) they are shown to improve heart health and energy expenditure in children and adolescents.

Researcher, Zan Gao, Ph.D., from the University of Minnesota and colleagues, compiled numerous studies discovered that AVGs had a noticeable increase on health compared with those children and adolescents who are sedentary couch potatoes.

With the “fun” component inherent in the games, AVGs are a promising  way to promote physical activity and health in the younger crowds.

Sample AVGs:

  • Nintendo Wii
  • Box 360 with Kinect
  • Exergame

So Game On!!

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