The enjoyable, healthy way to go gluten-free...

Created by a team of health professionals (many who live with celiac disease!), the Gluten Freedom Project (GFP) is a trusted and reliable source for gluten-free recipes, menus, product recommendations, information and support. The GFP Website offers FREE menu-planning tools, recipes, product recommendations and information to help you safely go gluten-free.

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Why try GFP?

You or a family member has recently been diagnosed with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or a wheat allergy…

You have food allergies and need help planning a healthy diet...

You want to improve your diet to include more whole, healthy foods...

GFP is a FREE online, self-directed program for people who want help, guidance and support while learning how to live with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, a wheat allergy or other food allergies. This enjoyable, step-by-step program gives you essential tools and knowledge so you can:

  • confidently eat a healthy, gluten-free diet both at home and on the road
  • avoid accidental exposures
  • communicate with family and friends
  • stay abreast of current research
  • reduce anxiety and stress

Register today for GFP and get FREE access to these helpful tools:

Menu Planner - instantly creates customized gluten-free menus based on your specific food allergies and preferences. Menus are built with an emphasis on whole foods, healthy protein and fat sources, minimal refined sugars and a wide variety of foods.

Grocery List - includes all of the foods and ingredients needed for your gluten-free menu. The list is organized by the sections found in a typical grocery store and includes the name-brand products you select.

Foods to Avoid System - allows you to define which foods you want to avoid when you create menus, select recipes and search for name-brand gluten-free products.

GFP Lessons

GFP Lessons - an 8-week online learning program with videos, articles and emails to guide you through the process of safely going gluten-free for life.  

Library - a comprehensive library of information, research and resources to answer questions, solve problems and provide motivation and encouragement.

GFP Health Coaches - get personal support from the GFP Health Coaches who are available to answer your specific questions.

Get Started Now!

You can spend a lot of time searching for information and recipes on the Internet and end up overwhelmed, frustrated and confused. More importantly, just because a diet is gluten-free doesn't mean it's healthy or tastes good. GFP has done all the hard work for you, providing you with a FREE one-stop, friendly source for reliable information, delicious, wholesome food and compassionate, expert support! There's no other program available like it!

You’ll be glad you chose GFP not only for the time, money and anxiety it will save you, but for the way you'll feel eating a healthy, gluten-free diet.

Get Started!