Product Review: Silk Almond Milk

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Product Review: Silk Almond Milk

Whether you are looking to avoid milk products for health reasons, or simply because you choose a vegan or Paleo lifestyle, this Almond Milk is definitely worth a try.

I personally use it as a replacement for typical milk on a daily basis. My kids enjoy it in their gluten-free cereals, and will drink the dark chocolate version like it is going out of style!  I also use the original (non-sweetened) in my baking. It acts much like milk in most recipes, and lends a nice almond essence to cookies, cakes, pancakes, and muffins.

Although you can buy this cold or room-temperature, keep in mind, once it is open, it must be refrigerated. The bonus to non-dairy milk is that if you need to, you can buy the non-refrigerated carton which is shelf-stable for stocking-up.  (A huge bonus for families with kids that love it!)

This review was provided by Tracy Grabowski, creative at and author of The A-B-C and Gluten Free Cookie Book available on Amazon.

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