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Take a Deep Breath

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Thank you for the words of wisdom. This is my 3rd day being gluten free, it's been a lot easier with your help!!
I havn't started my gluten free life yet, I have been researching different websites when I saw this website. It seems like this is the perfect place for me to get started.
I'm researching and getting information to start and review the menu I choose. I hoping to start with this a little at a time until after christmas. So I can practice some of the recipes and see what I like before we go back to school.
trying to get started before school starts also. My daughter needs to reduce the inflammation in her knees before she's off to college I'd appreciate any help you can give :) Linda
This seems to be the place for me to get started and get serious about my health. Thank you for being here willing to help.
Just found this site. Like what I see so far. I started modifying to a gluten-free Oct 1st, and have lost some weight, generally feel better. With the holidays, slipped a bit though. Think this site will be a great source to help me get back on track. I've definitely seen and felt the health benefits of GF eating. Now passing that on to my high school age daughter. Here's to a healthy 2014 :-)
Thank you. Sometimes a kind word can take you a long way, this is a bit overwhelming i am glad to find your website!
I have not been diagnosed with any gluten allergies but I am looking at the benefits of a gluten free diet just for basic health benefits. I look forward to reading the info on your site.
I appreciate the idea that this change is a process. I'm transitioning to gluten-free (starting this week). I'm very impressed with the menus and recipes. Everything looks wonderful!
A new venture for me...this site looks encouraging.....
I just got diagnosed with ciliac disease on friday I feel so overwhelmed deprived and angry I don't know where to start. This video gave me a little piece of mind. Thank you
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Thank you for your positive words and acknowledging the different emotions. I have just started gluten free and feeling a bit overwhelmed. Thanks for you help.
My doctor told me to go on a gluten free diet but I don't know why. I haven't had any major symptoms that I know of. Might be nice to have some info on what to expect by going on the diet.
Thank you for your words of encouragement.
Really encouraged after finding this site!
Thank you for all the articles and food lists. I went through my entire pantry and discovered everything was made with wheat. I will donate the food to a pantry. I have to start fresh.