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Decoding a Restaurant Menu, Making Healthier Choices

OK, want the shorthand to healthy eating when you're not at home?

Here it is: order anything that says baked, broiled, braised, poached, grilled, steamed, seared, rubbed or spiced.

Avoid items described as crunchy, crispy, battered, breaded or sizzling -- it simply means they're fried.

Forgo dishes labeled as loaded, stuffed, creamy, cheesy or smothered, for while they call comfort, they really translate into high calorie.

And whatever you do, beware of meals identified as teriyaki, glazed, barbecue or sticky because in general, they're sugar bombs and may contain hidden gluten.

Eating out used to be the occasional indulgence, but in today's fast-paced society, it as become a more frequent occurrence.

Restaurants are businesses and they're out to entice you, not watch your waistline or heart health. As in any other industry, words are used as subliminal sales pitches, designed to appeal to your cravings.  

Don't let them do it. We all know doughnuts, pasta and desserts are laden with calories but did you know that couscous and faro -- considered healthy options -- are too?

A little research and a word-wise attitude will keep your diet on track when you dine out. Here's to healthy eating wherever you are.

Source: CNN Eatocracy

Pamela Hasterok