What if I tested positive for the genes associated with Celiac Disease? What's next?

If you have performed a genetic test for celiac disease and have either the HLA DQ2 or DQ8 gene along with symptoms, it is highly recommended that you have the antibody blood test panel to further screen for celiac disease. Genetic tests can give you an idea if you have the predisposition for celiac disease (97% accuracy), or gluten intolerance. Genetic tests are convenient for ruling out celiac disease, but by themselves are not a diagnosis of celiac disease.  Only about half the people with gluten sensitivity have one of the two gene variations seen in virtually all celiac patients. 

If you are a first degree relative (parent, child or sibling) of a biopsy-diagnosed celiac, and you also have the genetic predisposition, it is recommended that you be screened immediately for celiac disease. Typically, 10% of first degree family members will have the disease even if they don't experience symptoms.